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Warning: Run these apps at your own risk. These are discontinued products.

2016: Dacris Benchmarks "Lyon" (6.0)

Test your computer's performance
 > Download Now (2 MB) (Win32 App)

2011: ActiSetup 4, Codename "Semiramis"

Create Windows Installer 3.x Setup Packages
 > Download Now (40 MB) (Requires .NET 3.5)

2011: NetXP 4

UI components (toolbars, docking windows) for .NET 3.x applications
 > Download Now (4.6 MB) (Requires .NET 3.5)

2010: Large Text View, BugKeep, TimeKeep

2009: 3D Game Demo (for Waterloo University)

Java-based OpenGL driving simulator
 > Download Now (2.9 MB) (Requires Java Runtime)

2004: CodeSnip

Save and organize snippets of code in various languages
 > Download Now (1.1 MB) (Requires .NET 1.1)

2002: Dacris Benchmarks 4.9 a.k.a. 5.0

Test your computer's performance (most popular)
 > Download Now (2.9 MB) (Win32 App)

2001: Dacris Benchmarks 4.1

Test your computer's performance (very old)
 > Download Now (2 MB) (Win32 App)