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Founded in 1998, Dacris Software is a small-scale ISV, now located in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada. We supply high-quality software and consulting services. Our specialization is Windows & MS-DOS apps, but we also develop software in .NET and JavaScript.

Our flagship application is Dacris Benchmarks, a Windows benchmarking tool for testing hardware performance. We also developed Galawar and Space-Pong in 1998, prior to incorporation in 2003.

Since 2003, our focus has been on newer technologies and consulting. Dacris Benchmarks became XMark in 2004, and continued as a .NET application, before being renamed back to Dacris Benchmarks in 2009. In 2004-2005, we developed ActiSetup, a Windows Installer development tool, as well as NetXP, a .NET Windows Forms control suite. Both are now discontinued but can still be downloaded from our museum. Our consulting business has seen many high-profile clients over the years. One example is the redesign of the Food Network (Canada) website, a project on which we contributed in 2009. From 2011 onward, we developed OLISP and our weather simulator (Dan's Sun Calculator) over the course of 4 years. Then, in 2015, our development efforts focused back on Dacris Benchmarks 9.

Today, our primary focus is on quality. We rigorously test all our products so that they are as close to bug-free as possible. Testing is done both in-house on a variety of hardware as well as through third parties and beta testers. Technologies we employ include .NET & .NET Core, C++, and JavaScript. Our software has been awarded and reviewed numerous times by too many websites to mention, including a famous PC World review of Dacris Benchmarks.

Our company's original founders are: Dan Tohatan, Marcel Tohatan, Florentina Tohatan, and Cristian Tohatan. The name is the fusion of Dan and Cris.